A Simple, Casual Thanksgiving Table

Happy Friday!! I’m so thrilled to be joining up with Lindsay again this year for the Thanksgiving Edition of Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours. If you’re stopping by from A Creative Day, welcome!! Eileen has some seriously amazing style! And if you haven’t checked out all of the other Thanksgiving fabulousness that’s been going on this week, be sure to head over to White Buffalo and start the tour from the beginning. I PROMISE you won’t want to miss out.

We are a casual bunch around our house. I LOVE me a good party, and I LOVE it to look pretty and put together, but I am also all about minimal fuss. I like a casual, relaxed vibe so that we can focus on the company and just enjoy each other. And as always, I’m all about doing things as inexpensively as possible. So, this year’s table is all about the causal, relaxed vibe and shopping things I already had in the house to create a simple, casual Thanksgiving table.

Simple Thanksgiving Table Ideas MyFabulessLife.com

No one creates a better color palette than Mother Nature, and since Thanksgiving is all about harvest and food, what’s better than just using beautiful food to decorate your table? I hit our local Sprouts market and picked up a bunch of fruit (pluots, red pears (I didn’t even know those existed), Bosc pears, green pears, and oranges) and let that sort of set my color palette. Then I just shopped my house for candlesticks, trays, wood cutting boards–lots of natural elements. This rosemary smelled amazing but ended up looking a little sad, so it didn’t make the cut, but I found a pretty great alternative for the “greens” that I’ll get to in a minute.

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Table Ideas MyFabulessLife.com

Call me cheap, but I almost never buy expensive linens, or inexpensive linens for that matter ;). My favorite “tablecloth” is an inexpensive piece of muslin. I bought a big piece, and then just tore it to the size I needed so it has frayed edges and I love it. For napkins, I have a few that I’ve purchased, but mostly, I just use fabric that I have or I buy fabric to match what I need. Toile will forever be one of my favorite things and I needed a few more napkins than what I had, so I grabbed a few scraps of Toile, tore the edges of so it has the same frayed edges as the tablecloth and voila, instant napkins. I’ve got a whole tutorial on the no-sew napkins that you can check out here.

Easy Thanksgiving Table Ideas MyFabulessLife.com

For the centerpiece, I just used the fruit that I started with and then went out to the backyard and cut some branches from our tree (the alternative to the rosemary that didn’t make the cut).

Simple Thanksgiving Table MyFabulessLife.com

I didn’t even know that our tree grew these little berries–it’s a Bradford Pear tree, so maybe they’re like tiny little pears? I don’t know, whatever they are, I’m obsessed with them. I just stuck the big branches in a pitcher that I had and then a few little ones in a smaller votive holder.

A simple, inexpensive Thanksgiving table MyFabulessLife.com

Finally, I added a few candles for a little warmth and ambiance. This centerpiece was so easy and it cost me the price of fruit. Everything else was stuff I already had around the house.

Shop your home & your garden to create a beautiful, simple Thanksgiving table MyFabulessLife.com

Minimal Thanksgiving Table MyFabulessLife.com

One of my favorite traditions when I was young, was going around the table at my grandparents’ house and everyone would take turns lighting a candle and listing the things we were thankful for. It’s one of my earliest memories of holidays at my grandparents’ (we actually did it on Christmas Eve, but it’s perfect for Thanksgiving), and maybe it had something to do with getting to light my own candle as a five year old, but I love carrying on this tradition with my daughter and teaching her about being thankful and what the whole holiday season is really about. So, I set a mason jar with a votive at each place setting and they’re sitting on top of wood coasters that my grandpa made for me. We actually lost him this year, so it makes it that much more special and leaves a little piece of him, the one who started the tradition, at my Thanksgiving table.

Casual Thanksgiving Table MyFabulessLife.com

And last of all, it’s not Thanksgiving without, shall we say, the liquid refreshment, so I set up a little bar on the buffet. Because let’s be honest, it’s an important part of the Holiday season (or maybe essential for some of us ;) ).

Thanksgiving Bar Ideas MyFabulessLife.com

I actually ended up doing a little more “formal” version of this table too, so I’ll be back on Monday to share that, but here’s a little peek at the second version until then.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas MyFabulessLife.com

And now it’s onto the next stop on the tour, my friend Cassie over at Primitive & Proper–I LOVE her dining room and can’t wait to see her beautiful table. The list of all of the other stops on the tour is below, so make sure you go take the grand tour. Have a fabulous weekend friends!!


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