A Gender Neutral Nursery

First of all, I have to say a HUGE “thank you!!!!” for all of your kind words and stories about our new, crazy news. It really meant the world to me, and quite honestly, settled some things in my mind a bit as we start on this new chapter. So thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today, more baby things.

Back when I totally flopped at started working on our Guest Bedroom for the One Room Challenge, I shared a mood board for the project plans and mentioned that while I LOVE mood boards, I kind of hesitate to put them out there because so many times during the process, my plans tend to change. I end up finding something that I like better than what was originally on the board, or my mind just changes all together about the direction (as was the case with my daughter’s room–which is still eternally a work in progress), or most often something just doesn’t make the cut, due to budget, and I either find something else that’s cheaper, or we just leave things as they are until budget allows. SO, all that said, I’m kind of excited about getting to do a nursery again, and today I’m going to show you a little bit of where I’m going and the vision I have in mind. BUT, lots of things may change, so we’ll call this, The Wish List Mood Board.

It’s funny how things change in seven years because while I’m excited about doing a nursery, I’m telling you something has changed in me and I am all about minimal and functional these days. Where my philosophy was once “display all the cute things,” it’s now more of a “if it doesn’t have a purpose, buh-bye”. So, the office is now a thing of the past and we’ve created a little office “nook” off of our garage. The jury is still out on whether it stays in that spot or we find another solution. Speaking of which…guess what I sold? That huge vintage mail organizer!!! I never thought I’d part with it, but it really just served to display mostly craft things I never use anymore and it wasn’t functional, so out it went. And surprisingly, I’m not even sad about it.

Shared Home Office Space | MyFabulessLife.com

As I’ve mentioned a million and one times before, we also have limited space. Our house is only two bedrooms on the main level, including the master, so we’ve had to rethink some things. Since the baby phase is really so short, I’m trying to think towards the future of this room and only buy things that will be functional down the road. Like, does a baby really need a crib? (I kid, I kid.) That’s probably the part I’m the most indecisive with in this room. I have some really cool twin beds that were my great-grandma’s, passed down through my grandma, that will eventually be in his room, so I’m having a hard time biting the bullet on a crib that I know won’t be used for long. And don’t even get me started on crib color. I have my daughter’s, but it’s missing screws which would need to be reordered and it’s such an outdated cherry wood that it would have to be painted (you know, because I can’t stand to look at a color that doesn’t “flow” ;) ). Anyway, so the crib search is ongoing. Speaking of my daughter’s crib…wanna see what her nursery looked like? This was a funny walk down memory lane the other day when I found it. It’s like first-time-mom-crafty-paradise. I won’t even hold it against you if you laugh (or throw up a little in your mouth).

Nursery Before CollageLessons learned in this room:

1. Slow your roll on the craftiness Jenn–hello scrapbook paper.
2. NEVER, NEVER pick out a paint color AT THE STORE, and
3. NEVER, NEVER, match the paint color of an entire room to one little swatch of a dust ruffle. My daughter actually hates yellow, and I’m thinking now I might know why. Yellow probably haunts her dreams after sleeping in this room. Full disclosure: I hated this the minute it went on the wall and knew it was too bright, but I just kept telling myself that it would grow on me. It didn’t.
4. Scale of “art” MATTERS!

Live and learn, right? We were so proud of this room. It was one of the first real projects (besides painting) that we did to make our house our own. We put up the bead board and the window trim in here, which was actually another lesson: don’t use liquid nails for wall treatments–invest in a nail gun. I’d love to take the bead board down now, but alas, that stuff is GLUED TIGHT to that wall and isn’t going anywhere, so we’ll work around it with the new plan. Speaking of which, I give you the new, and very-different-from-eight-years-ago plan.

Gender-Neutral-Nursery MyFabulessLife.com

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It couldn’t really be more different, could it? It’s calm, it’s neutral, and it’s minimal. All of the things I’m currently loving. When I first found out we were expecting, before we even knew gender, this Bison quilt popped up on my Facebook feed (sometimes those pesky ads can be pretty useful) and the whole room started from that point. We love the outdoors, and spending time at National Parks is one of our favorite things to do as a family, so I wanted to go for a sort of National Parks “mood” without going crazy themey. So that’s what we’re going for in this room. Sort of a western, outdoors feel and it just happened to evolve into a gender neutral thing, which works well for the future plans for this room.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas Photo Source: LittleUnicorn.com

The art was one of those things that jumped out at me when I saw it on Minted.com and I kept going back to it and it plays well with the colors of the room. Turns out that it’s also a photo of Joshua Tree, so that works with the whole “Parks” thing. I’ve toyed with the idea of painting the walls a darker green, but in all honesty, I’m just not feeling taking on a painting project in the near future (#laziness), so I think we’re going to keep it the soft green color that it currently is (the dot at the top of the mood board next to the quilt and crib sheet). And I cannot, for the life of me, find my can of paint to tell you the wall color, so I’ll update that one as soon as it appears from the dark abyss of my garage.

As I mentioned earlier, I want to make sure that as I purchase new things for this room, that they are things that can transition to other functions. In a few years, this little man will move to another bedroom downstairs, so this room will become our sort of playroom/office. With that in mind, I bought this cubby bookcase from Target and I LOVE IT! For now, it will function as a sort of dresser and bookcase, and then later on, we can use it for toy storage and books. Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

The original intent for the bookcase was to also use it as the changing table, but it ended up being a bit too narrow, so I think we’ll just keep and paint our old changing table. And then we’re back to that last big decision: the crib. To keep the old cherry wood one and paint it (seriously the thought of painting all of those slats just makes me want to curl in a ball), or buy an inexpensive new one. We’ll see how that one plays out and I’m sure there will be a “help me pick a crib” post in the near future ;)


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    OMG my kids nursery was so similar- letters on the wall, polka dots and gingham, yellow walls… and if we are fortunate enough to get to do it again i am so leaning towards where you are NOW! ha! i love that plan!

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    Omg, your first nursery brings back bad memories of my son’s nursery 6 years ago! And, if I am honest, less bad but still cringeworthy memories of my daughter’s nursery 3 years ago. Hold the crazy crafting, right? Ha! Live and learn, live and learn. Love the look you are going for and I think your current wall color will work just fine!

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