A Bedroom for A Girl Who Hates Pink

So, school is back in, the Summer swing is finally winding down, and I’ve had some time to start focusing on projects again. And by focus, I mean make plans in my head and s–l–0–w–l–y start to execute them. First on the fall to-do list: my daughter’s bedroom. We switched her to a different room and it has been a work in progress for the better part of a year, and “work in progress” is probably a gross overstatement. It’s been more like in limbo/standstill, pictures leaning on the wall that never ended up being rehung–all that jazz. When she got a new bed a couple of weeks ago, it was sort of the kick I needed to finally start making some progress. As she has gotten older, it also turns out that this girl is like way more Avengers/Jurassic World/Independence Day, animals, and all things blue than she is pink, princess and girly–like, she hates pink, which was exactly what the last bedroom was, so a bit more of a grown-up, change-up is in order. So today, I thought I’d show you where we’re sort of planning on heading with this room. I have to admit, this is the first design board I’ve ever shared and I don’t tend to use them because I don’t like to be held to plans ;) So, much of this is subject to change as I go, but this is the general vibe we’re going for. I’m calling it, “Little Explorer.”

Little Explorer Girls Bedroom MyFabulessLife.com
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olor Palette (left to right): Magnolia Paint Line Weekend / Emmie’s Room / Ella Rose (yes, there’s still a little pink, but it will be minimal)

Since this is her room, it’s all about incorporating all of the things she loves, but in a way that’s soft and calm, and in a way that we can both live with. If it were up to her, the walls would be the brightest shade of shocking blue you can imagine, and something like the full Jurassic World bedding treatment, so we’re going to find a happy medium. Sometimes I feel like a mean mom, but then I remember that I didn’t die when my mom wouldn’t get me the whole NKOTB set-up, so my child will probably survive too. Anyway, back to the whole happy medium thing: this girl loves, science, cats, all things ocean, did I mention cats? and blue, blue, blue. No pink allowed.

Oh, except for one fairly sizable item that she insists stays. Apparently she’s developed her mother’s sentimentality and since this armoire “has been pink since (she) was like two!!!” a color change is not an option. Can’t argue with that. So somehow we’ll figure out how to make it work. Also, I’m not above bribery, which I’ve tried, but nothing has been tempting enough thus far.


Also staying, the mint green trunk–still one of my favorite pieces. The top will be getting recovered, which I thought would be another battle, but when I asked to change it, I got a VERY enthusiastic “yes, please!!! I hate that fabric!” Again with the flowery stuff. She’s just not into it.


There are so many things that I already put into her last room, that I’m really trying to keep buying anything new to a minimum. The room will be coming together kind of slowly, and as the budget allows, so more expensive things like the rug probably won’t be coming until much further down the line, but the goal is really just to work with the existing pieces and make them work for this space, so stay tuned for those projects. So far, we’ve conquered the bedding, so here’s the first little peek ;) More to come…

Girls Bedroom Bed MyFabulessLife.com


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    Will be excited to see the finished project! I love that her room isn’t going to be pink, pink, pink. There are a lot more colors out there for her! :) Thanks for sharing.

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