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Dining Room Changes

Small Dining Room Decor Ideas |

I don’t know about you, but it seems like when summer is over and school starts, I start feeling really surrounded by clutter in my house. Like the walls and all of the decor are closing in on me. It’s probably partly due to the fact that we spend most of the summer outside, so I’m…

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Easy, Budget Kitchen and Dining Room Updates

Easy, Budget-Friendly Kitchen and Dining Room Updates Anyone Can Do |

Today I thought we’d take a little trip back in time. Every once in a while (or maybe like at least once a week), I’ll be perusing Instagram or Pinterest and get a little bit discouraged about the state of my house. I start falling into that trap of internet inadequacy and comparing my stuff…

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The Dining Room Shelf These Days

Open shelves in the dining room. Vintage & sentimental pieces mixed with things you use every day. |

So, nothing big today, but along with the changes in the living room lately, I’ve been sort of milling around the house tweaking things here and there, adding stuff, taking stuff away. Seriously…the junk I’ve cleared out of my house in the last two months has been AMAZINGLY LIBERATING (and a little pathetic–I have like…

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Small Backyard Dining Area

Don't write off small backyard spaces! How to create a Small Backyard Dining Space |

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working like a madwoman in our backyard. We put up a little privacy fence/trellis of sorts about a month ago (you can see a little peek here), and it was the piece de resistance that finally sort of made our yard all fall together in the way I…

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Living Room Changes

Light and Bright living room transformation. See how a few inexpensive pieces completely transformed this space! |

Well, enough talking about it today is the day I get to show off the changes that have been happening in my living room! Ever since our big renovation two years ago, this main living space of ours has been top on my priority list to finally get looking the way I want. But like everything…

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Bathroom Printables


If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I recently chalked the couch project up to I’m too lazy a fail and took it to the landfill, where might I add, this awesome {and a half} sign resides: And you also know that it’s got me on a recent de-cluttering kick which started…

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