52 Weeks of Purpose: Planning

Who knew one little word could be so rewarding?  As I mentioned before, I’m not usually a resolutions type of person and I’m thinking maybe it’s because when I think about everything I want to do in the new year, it just becomes overwhelming.  But when I thought about all of those things I want to do and a word that encompasses them all, somehow it didn’t all seem so insurmountable.  That one little word has me energized and determined to make some changes this year.  I know, I know, we’re one week in, everybody is jazzed, but this time, it really is different. It was like once I had chosen that word, it was burned on my brain and all I could think about.  I don’t have to remember a long list of goals that I set, I simply have to ask myself, “is there a purpose in what I’m doing,” which is what this week has been all about.

Most days, like many of you I’m sure, I go through each day trying to get about a billion and one things done and by the end of the day, I feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished.  So this week, that trusty little planner was my best friend.  I’ve tried to do the whole plan my day hour by hour thing before, but as anyone with kids knows, life is full of the unexpected, so it’s never really worked.  This week’s planning was nothing more than a doable list each day of what needed to be accomplished and prioritizing.  On the end of Day 1, I looked at the page in my planner and realized I had accomplished everything I wanted to get done that day–including errands for a few hours.  I don’t know about anyone else, but in my world, if it’s an errand day, almost nothing else is getting accomplished.  I went exactly where I needed to go, nowhere else, and did exactly what I needed to do at home almost nothing else, and by the end of the night, a home cooked meal was on the table, something else that has majorly suffered as of late. And the house was clean–well most of it–my bedroom is still full of piles of laundry–let’s be real here.

In addition to planning, I lived by the rule that I seem to preach to my daughter but don’t seem to actually live myself: “Chores first, then fun.”  Since she’s three, her chores basically consist of cleaning up her toys and brushing her teeth.  But in my case, it would seem that I wake up each morning determined to do some sort of project, so I start going on that, get five other ideas I started on and in the end, 5:00 has sneaked up on me, my husband is walking through the door to messier house than he left and we end up calling for take out.  It’s not him that really cares, it’s me.  I like being a homemaker and trying to give my family a comfortable place to live, home cooked meals and family dinner together every night and more often than not, it hasn’t been happening.  Making myself live by that same little rule I make my daughter live by has made a world of difference. I spend the first hour or two of my morning straightening up and cleaning (which I prefer as opposed to doing it before bed when I just want to S-I-T) and then cleaning up after myself with projects as I go.  It’s given me more time to be a mom that plays and do some of the things that I want to do, and I find that I’m mostly straightening up, rather than having to go into full cleaning mode.  For you people who have this down, you’re probably like, “Isn’t she 30?  She’s just figuring this out?”  And my dad is thinking I’ve been telling her this her whole life!!  Yup, I figure stuff out my way and this is one of those things.

As I sit here writing this, my mind is flooded with about 1000 other things that this word meant for me this week, but I’ll tackle those a little more in the weeks to come.  The latter part of this week also meant working on purposeful spending–I’ll let you know how that all went next week–it’s a challenging one for me.

Until then, did you choose a word for your year?  How did it go for you this first week?  Have a wonderful week!

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