52 Weeks of Purpose: Blah

So, two weeks in and I’m already late with the post.  I’m sort of in a funk this week.  You know, one of those weeks where it just feels like the world, and almost everyone in it, is basically just out to irritate and piss you off.  I’m feeling kind of like this. {And may or may not have done my fair share of tantrum-throwing week.}

I think they call it PMS.  Overshare?  Really, I think it’s just a case of a seriously bad attitude and a lot some stupid people minor annoyances.  
That said, it’s actually still been a pretty good week on the one word front, just not in the Jenn’s general disposition department.  Even the Mr. has told me I’m a “tad touchy” {translation: your horns are showing and I’m scared} on more than one occasion. So, moving on from the bitch fest: it’s not that there hasn’t been “purpose” this week, it’s just that I’m not quite feeling like talking about warm fuzzy feelings.  Okay, now we’re moving on.  Promise.

This week has been about breaking some bad habits.  Namely, spending habits.  Guess how many days it’s been since I’ve been to Target?  Like NINE!  That may not be a big deal to some, but Target is right around the corner from my house, so my trips there are, we’ll say, frequent.  And instead of being a grown-up, because what fun is that, and exercising self-control over the Target lure, I’ve just decided to take a month-long Target break.  So thank you to all of you posting those adorable things you’re buying via Instagram, it’s like I’m both living vicariously through you and dying inside all at the same time.  Oh that’s right, I promised I was done with the bitch-fest.  In reality, it’s actually been pretty nice.  I’m realizing, as I said I would, that giving every dollar a purpose comes with it’s own liberation and the added bonus is that I’m not cluttering up the house with yet another unfinished project, and other, bigger ones that have fallen by the wayside are actually getting DONE!

Like a kitchen backsplash that I’ve been wanting to do forever!  I’m so excited to share this with you soon that I can barely stand it.  There’s a bright spot.  {I’ll admit, it looks a little cabin-ey now, but it won’t for long.}

Anyway, I know there’s not much substance here, mostly some rambling, but I think I’m going to take a hiatus for a week and try to get myself feeling a little more like this. I’ll be back next week recharged (hopefully).  Have a wonderful week!


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    I like your tone in this post! LOL, honest- it’s good to be able to connect with the woman behind the pretty blog :) I think i need to do something of the same thing-only the Goodwill is my weak spot, thankfully Target is across town for me! Can’t wait to see your fun projects you have time for now!

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      Thank you! Nothing wrong with a dose of reality I think. I had to cut WAY down on the Goodwill trips last year. I still have mountains of stuff in my craft closet that I couldn’t pass up but have never found a home :D

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    it is so hard to limit target, but i can tell you from personal experience, it’s amazing how much money is saved. if i don’t know then i can’t buy something an end cap amazing do-dad with food money!

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