5 Minute Projects: DIY Clipboard

I hope you enjoyed the printable round up that I shared on Tuesday. I was so excited when I saw the collage of all of the beautiful prints that were created. If you haven’t checked out, be sure to. You won’t want to miss it. Today, I’ve got a little continuation of that post. Well, sort of. An easy 5 Minute Project to display those fabulous prints. A DIY Clipboard made from a vintage cutting board. And who doesn’t love a 5 Minute Project? Especially one that involves zero mess and three supplies. Count me in! This is one of those that’s so easy, it doesn’t really even warrant a tutorial, but I’m going to give it to you anyway.

DIY Cutting Board Clipboard  MyFabulessLife.com

I found this vintagelittle cutting board at the Vintage Whites market last weekend and originally intended to just use it for display in my kitchen, but then I had a little light bulb moment when I was putting together Tuesday’s To-Do List post. If you don’t have an old cutting board lying around, these ones from Ikea are great two and they’re three bucks! Gift idea anyone? ;) Anyway, to make one, you’ll need three supplies:

DIY Cutting Board Clip Board (affiliate links included for your convenience)

+ cutting board
+ bulldog clip
+ thumbtack or hot glue

DIY Cutting Board Clipboard MyFabulessLife.com

Put the thumb tack through the hole on the back of the bulldog clip and stick it into the cutting board. That’s it. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Five Minute Craft Projects DIY Clipboard  MyFabulessLife.com

DIY Vintage Cutting Board Clipboard  MyFabulessLife.com

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  1. Marcia says

    Hi Jenn! I’m a new and Brazilian fan :) Thanks for sharing such a good, cheap and great idea! The flowers are beautiful. I surely intend to use them, maybe a little different as I like to avoid costs. So, will work with whatever I already have here!
    kisses ML

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